Lego Aircraft Carrier

This is not your average Lego Building set! It was made by Malle Hawking (Weebleleezer). It is about 5m long (16 feet), 1,40m (4.5 feet) wide and the height is about 1,20m (4 feet). It contains over 200,000 Bricks and weighs over 160 Kilos (350 lbs) and a five digit amount of costs. Building time was over one year and it will finish end of March 06. It has electrical lights on deck, hangar and aircrafts. Moveable Elevators and radar dishes and finally a motorized catapult!

Lego Aircraft Carrier

John Noonan from the OpFor tells me that this is the USS Teddy Roosevelt which just finished up the last deployment of the Tomcat. His uncle is the chief engineering officer on the ship. (John’s only connection is to the real ship, not the Lego project.)

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