Dear Tish



While an 8th Grader at John Nevins Andrews Elementary School in Takoma Park, Maryland our class performed a play called Dear Tish which chronicled letters home from a Civil War soldier.  Our Social Studies Teacher, Lydia Chiomente, put a lot of work into this play and really made it a production.  As I recall there were 2-3 performances of the play and you had to have tickets to get in – a big deal for 8th graders.  At the end of the year Mrs. Chiomente let me keep a copy of the play.  I don’t know how many copies of the play there may be out there still, but I decided to scan my copy and share it – at least for memory sake.  As far as I know, Mrs. Chiomente wrote this play herself.  If you remember anything more about this, please comment.

Dear Tish Sript

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