December 2007 Posts

Build Your Own Drone

Think all that fancy drone talk is just for military nerds? Think again!

A laptop, RC plane, and some GPS sensors are all you need to get stared.

Paparazzi Control Station next to Toulouse, FrancePaparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project intended to create an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system by allowing and encouraging input from the community. The project includes not only the airborne hardware and software, from voltage regulators and GPS receivers to Kalman filtering code, but also a powerful and ever-expanding array of ground hardware and software including modems, antennas, and a highly evolved user-friendly ground control software interface.

Dirty Car Art

Dirty Car Art - Scott WadeA guy by the name of Scott Wade (no relation to me) as come up with a way to use a dirty car to create something unique and evidently make some money in the process.  Check out for some amazing stuff.  Click the picture to your right for a preview.

Ruth, Boaz and Christmas

The last few days I have been reading the book, “Ruth & Boaz: Strangers in the Land” by Terri Fivash. It’s a fascinating historical fiction piece based on the Biblical story of Ruth in the Old Testament. One of the recurring themes of the book is “hesed” (hehs-ehd) which means “voluntary kindness on the life-saving level done by the sole person able to do it.” Obviously this is a parallel to the grace God has shown us by coming to earth and dying for us. Definitely a Christmas theme.

But more than that, but book got me thinking about how much I show hesed to those around me. OK, maybe it’s not live-saving, but you never know. Do I stop often to do favors for people for no reason at all? Is hesed a way of life for me? I hope so.

An engaging and thought provoking story.

Where things are in Haiti

Our family has been having some discussions about where things are as we remember them on the campus in Haiti. We lived in Haiti from 1969 to 1972. Back then, Haiti was a safer place for expatriates. We started getting others in on the discussion and so I started this post so that we wouldn’t have to e-mail around the graphic files.

So let’s get started…

The Citadelle – Eighth Wonder of the World

CitidelleFrom the best I can determine from foggy memory and sketchy data available on the Interent, this is where the Citadelle is located in Haiti.

Download Google Earth

UPDATE: Google Earth now has new, very clear satellite imagery as well as great pictures attached via and linked information from Wikipedia.

UPDATE: Don’t have Google Earth? Here’s a link to the view in Google Maps – but you miss the 3D and links to addtional pictures and information.


An imposing fortress, the Citadelle in Haiti’s Parc National Historique La Citadelle sits 3500 ft on top of a mountain, overlooking the city of Cap-Haitien. Seeped in scandal and superstition, a quick look at the Citadelle’s stats highlight just some of the unusual facts of this ‘eighth wonder of the world’.