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Weimar Academy’s New Principal

Beginning next school year, Weimar Academy will have a new Principal. Chad Bernard come to Weimar Academy from being Principal of the Greater Lansing Adventist School in Lansing, Michigan. His infectious energy will be a welcome addition to Weimar Academy.  Here is his welcome letter to the alumni.

Weimar Bulletin Archive

Thanks to cooperation of Richard Winn, we have started a project to create a PDF archive of the early Weimar Bulletins.  Posted below is the first one.

Weimar Bulletin – Vol 1, No 1

Please follow the link on the menu above to view the full archive.

Weimar Academy Newsletters

Here are newsletters from Weimar Academy

Did the Blueprint Break?

From David Grams

A review of the book The Broken Blueprint.

This little book review is largely motivated as a response to a request given me some time ago by a thoughtful member of Weimar’s Board…and whom I suppose by now is quite sure that I’ve forgotten all about it!

I will confine my response primarily to the first two sections of the book; a review that can provide a template for those who seek to evaluate the remainder of the volume and other similarly constructed books.
So now, what do you say? Let’s plunge into the publication! The Broken Blueprint, by Vance Ferrell, is a small, attractive paperback of more than 400 pages that is packed with fascinating historical vignettes, insights calculated to arrest the interest of any serious student of Adventist educational history.
Let’s open up by examining a word from the title—Blueprint. A dictionary definition of “blueprint” suggests that it’s a “detailed plan”; and so our author lauds the concept of a divinely inspired and detailed plan for Adventist education.

Weimar/Amazing Facts Merger

UPDATE:  The Weimar/Amazing Facts merger has taken place.  The document discussed below is a working document and may not have made it into the final agreement in it’s entirety.

A note from David Grams:

Attached is a little paper that was sent to me. It’s from the lawyer on Weimar’s board who, I believe, is also president of something with OCI.

Like the Psalmist I would be exercising myself in matters too high for me to make a comment—till Ilearn more.

I’ll just leave this with all of you and watch for your incisive comments.

Weimar/Amazing Facts Merger