Paper Jam

When providing technical support you get some pretty interesting support calls.  One of the most interesting was when Mark Janke called and said that his printer wouldn’t work.  There was some type of paper jam.  Upon investigation we found a small snake which had escaped from the biology lab curled up tightly deep inside the…

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Build Your Own Drone

Think all that fancy drone talk is just for military nerds? Think again! A laptop, RC plane, and some GPS sensors are all you need to get stared. Paparazzi is a free and open-source hardware and software project intended to create an exceptionally powerful and versatile autopilot system by allowing and encouraging input from the…

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Robotic Challenge 2005

I just wrapped up what is becoming the biggest event of the year for me at work. Monday, May 2 was the Adventist Robotics Challenge a Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Cedar Lake, Michigan. Twenty-nine teams from Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Texas came together to test their skills at building and programming LEGO Mindstorms robots.…

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