Photo Phun

I had some fun with photography the last couple days.  First, I took a high dynamic range (HRD) picture of the girls dorm here at Blue Mountain Academy. Simply put, HDR merges three or more photos.  It takes the best of each to make the shadow areas visible and the overexposed areas have color and…

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Dear Tish

While an 8th Grader at John Nevins Andrews Elementary School in Takoma Park, Maryland our class performed a play called Dear Tish which chronicled letters home from a Civil War soldier.  Our Social Studies Teacher, Lydia Chiomente, put a lot of work into this play and really made it a production.  As I recall there…

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The Namu Project

Namu is a small island on the Namu atoll in the Marshall Islands. The Marshall Islands are located just west of the International Date Line and just north of the Equator. Need While the per capita GDP for the Marshall Islands is only $2300/year it is mostly made up from the US government and has…

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