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Wes Peterson – Life Sketch

Wes PetersonWes Peterson was born December 28, 1932 in the midst of a typhoid epidemic in Chamberlain, SD.  Records show that during that epidemic his was the only case where both mother and baby survived.

He spent most of his growing-up years in Sioux Falls, SD.  Wes was the oldest child of Norman Peterson and Ethel Schuttler Peterson.  Soon a younger brother, Perry, was added to the family followed by two sisters, Karen and Normalie.  Perry was only 13 months younger and they shared many coming-of-age experiences.  Their first bicycle was shared as was their first car.

That car was no ordinary car.  It was a 1936 Oldsmobile which the two boys painted green and then plastered the body with slogans in red and yellow lettering.  On one side of the hood was painted, “opportunity, hear it knock,” the other side read “heap big smoke, no fire.” Once it actually had an electrical fire under the hood, adding authentic paint blisters to the words.  A few other phrases were: “don’t laugh, lady, your daughter may be inside”; “any contributions gratefully accepted” with an arrow pointing to the gas tank; “we may be slow but we’re still ahead of you.”   The car’s name was Irene, and the back of the car was painted with “Good Night, Irene” after a song popular at the time.  

Building the Playground – Time Lapse

Time Lapse SetupThis is my first time lapse video.  It was taken from the roof of a building next to the project using a Canon 60D every 15 seconds.  Be sure to watch in 1080p at full screen for the best effect.

Ted and Karen Wade Wedding

I came across an old reel-to-reel recording of my parents wedding. July 8, 1956.

Ted and Karen Wade Wedding

Paper Jam

When providing technical support you get some pretty interesting support calls.  One of the most interesting was when Mark Janke called and said that his printer wouldn’t work.  There was some type of paper jam.  Upon investigation we found a small snake which had escaped from the biology lab curled up tightly deep inside the printer.  Snake 1 – Printer 0.

Completed Teardrop

This summer we moved to Blue Mountain Academy in Hamburg, PA.  We enjoyed the trip with our new Teardrop.  Many thanks to Jared Brophy, Mark Janke and Nathan Henson for their help during the building process.