4 Wheeling Posts

Engine Replacement

About a month ago I started a project… replacing the engine in my 1990 Jeep Cherokee.  It had an oil leak from blowby that caused puddling under the jeep every time I park, not to mention coating the inside of the engine compartment with grime.  I’ve now got the new engine in place and I’m hoping to start it on Sunday!

UPDATE:  The Jeep is running well!  Did my first longer drive it in today to Spokane.  It pulled up the hills much stronger than before.  Previously it had to repeatedly downshift on the long hills coming out of the valley, but today it went right up without a problem!

New Jeep and Geocaching

We bought a “new” Jeep Cherokee that was manufactured in 1990. Still in great condition. This afternoon, we decided to do some geocaching in Idaho to give it a test. We went for two caches on mountain tops. The first one was pretty easy and we got there on an old fire/logging road that really didn’t require 4 wheel drive. The next peak over had a 2-track road that was only accessible with on off road vehicle, so up we went. We got within 400 feet of the cache and decided to park and walk the last steep portion. Looking back we could have driven it. Here are pictures…

My Driveway
A View of the Jeep parked in our driveway… (OK, not really!!)

View From the Second Peak
This is a picture of the Jeep just below the second peak. You can see the peak where the first picture was taken in the background.

Keith, surprisingly got pretty freaked out by the off roading… It made it an interesting trip.