Day 2 – Pierre, SD to somewhere near Gettysburg, SD

I woke up as it was just starting to get light to the roll of thunder! I had not planned on rain so needed to secure the camp before the rain started in earnest. I stopped and checked the radar on my phone an realized I had at least ½ hour before the storm hit so I changed plans and started breaking camp, putting things in panniers and loading the bike. I worked fast because I say the storm on radar, and didn’t want to start my day sitting that out in my tent. Once the bike was loaded I headed toward downtown, which was a few blocks away, to see what was open at 6:30am on a Sunday. I saw a hotel as possibility but then saw a Hardee’s and headed for that. I got there about 5 minutes before the storm hit.

While I was dry, Hardee’s doesn’t have great breakfasts. This also disrupted my plans to find a grocery store to buy some PB&J.  After over 2 ½ hours most of the storm had passed to I headed out in the rain, climbing his hill out of town wearing my raincoat and helmet cover to keep the worst of the rain off and to keep me warm.

After 7-8 miles, it cleared off so I stopped, took off my rain gear and took out my solar charger. The solar charger worked great and kept my phone fully charged the entire ride. It was nice to finish the ride with a phone fully charged instead of one that was almost out of power.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, except for my wishing I had the BP&J for a lunch. I had crosswinds and some headwinds most of the way, with a lot of slight climbing which made the going slow but steady.

I got to the campground around 4pm. I setup camp, took a much need shower, and had supper. A little later I went to the camp store – they call it the “C-Store” – and I got tomato soup, an ice cream sandwich, and Doritos for a second supper. There is no rain forecasted for tonight…

– photos coming

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  1. Keith Jacobson on June 16, 2015 at 1:16 am

    Thanks for the details of the day- like the pictures also- Do you go through Billings?

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