After boarding the plane in Sacramento, they did the usual, “Please turn off all electronic devices…” speech. Just after this was completed, the Captain came on and informed us that there were thunderstorms in Denver, our flights destination, and because of that there was a ground stop in Denver which meant we were not allow to depart. He would give us an update in an hour. Over an hour later, he came back on and let us know that due to the continued ground stop, we were going to deplane. So we sat in the terminal another hour or more. Then they got on opening and rushed everyone back on the plane and we took off, over three hours late. My connecting flight to Lincoln, NE was still expected to be on time, but when I got to Denver, they were still on the ground. Their delay required that the get another captain for the flight so they were waiting for him arrive. I finally made it to Lincoln about 4 hours late. I got up early the next morning and put my bicycle back together, ran some errands and we left about 2:30pm for the 5+ hour drive to Chamberlain.

My son and his girlfriend drove me to Chamberlain. When we got there, the campground we were hoping to stay in was full, so we looked round and found another nice one near the freeway that still had tent sites open. We setup camp and ate supper in the gathering dusk.

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